Chasing Sustainability


“He emphasized the importance and power that young people have in addressing these issues and I think the students were truly inspired.”  - Katherine Thompson, Director - Merlin School Malibu, Ca


“He developed an immediate rapport with my students, which is not an easy task when dealing with thirteen year olds.”

- Amy Ricketts, Science Teacher - John Muir Middle Burbank, Ca

Complete Letters of Recommendation

“Some of the girls on my hall bragged before they left for class in the morning, ‘We unplugged our room!’  Another student shared with her class, ‘I recycled for the first time today.’ Her classmates misunderstood and thought that she meant the first time at GSW.  No.  She recycled for the first time in her life! Another student attended your afternoon seminar and said that it rocked her world.  She was inspired to think about who she wants to become.

  1. -Bethany Phillis, Instructor - North Carolina Governors School West

“I wanted to thank you again for your second (and I hope annual) visit to NC Governor’s School East.

I have been struck both summers with how positively our student body has reacted to your address about how we can all do our part to heal our environment. Your optimistic, practical approach is one that I think all of us, and especially our students, are ready to hear and embrace.

I wanted to share with you that, again this year, a number of students spoke about your talk as one of the highlights of their summer in their final program evaluations. One student wrote: “Not only has my mind been opened to many social issues that I had not previously been aware of, such as that of Sustainable Dave and others, but it has assisted me in discovering my moral foundation.”

I am convinced that the message you share is an ideal complement to what we hope to accomplish with our students at Governor’s School, and I hope you will keep coming back.”

- Michael McElreath, Director North Carolina Governors School East

“Having directed our university’s Center for Applied and Professional Ethics for five years, and having brought well over 100 speakers to campus, I can attest to the claim that Dave was the most impressive

guest I’ve ever hosted.”

- Professor Andrew Flescher Chico State University - Chico, Ca

“Our students have many required events and so their attitude toward them is always a good indicator of engagement. About 40 of our 300 students stayed after Chameides’ talk to continue asking questions and conversing with him for another 90 minutes!”

- Lucy Milner, Director - North Carolina Governors School West