Chasing Sustainability

Ever wonder why more people don’t do something about the environmental problems we face?  Is it a lack of knowledge?  A fear of what’s to come? How is it that we know so much, yet do so little?

Dave Chameides, also known as Sustainable Dave to millions around the world, presents an argument for moving towards sustainable lifestyles that is non partisan, non judgmental, and logical to the point that it can appeal to everyone. 

His pragmatic, at times comedic approach to the larger concepts of climate change, oil depletion, and beyond, leaves audiences invigorated and wanting to achieve more - and his seminar gives them the tools to do so.

Dave speaks to groups of all ages - elementary on up through grad school and beyond - as well as to businesses, religious institutions, and civic organizations.  If you are interested in having him come speak to your group, you can contact him here.

  1. -“One of the best public speakers that I have ever seen! “  

  1. -“Everything that he said was so logical.”

  1. -“The first time I can actually say I was absorbed by a presentation.”

  1. -“He explained complex issues so simply anyone could have understood them.”

  1. -“Literally the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard.”

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“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

“Dave is a passionate and inspiring speaker on sustainability and waste. Students rave about his talks and say they love the way he is "down to earth", "funny", "normal", and "immensely clear"!  He powerfully shifts one's understanding of sustainability and makes participating in change seem easy, doable and vital. Don't miss any opportunity to hear him talk!  He should visit every school, everywhere!  Dave brings the "cool" to sustainability.”

  1. -Dr. Heidi Hutner 

  Director of Sustainability Studies Program

  Director of Environmental Humanities

  SUNY Stony Brook University

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