Chasing Sustainability


“This was the first time I can actually say I was absorbed by a presentation - most of the other environmental seminars I’ve been to never packed the punch that this one did. Probably the lecturers never were as real or genuine either, but Chameides' delivery of the material had a lot to do with how we took in the information.”                                                       - Chris, College Freshman

“David Chameides is one of the best public speakers that I have ever seen!  His humor and intelligence keep your attention.  The presentation began with a harsh truth yet ended with positive and encouraging advice.“    


                                            - Amanda, College Sophomore

“After leaving school on Friday I went home and involved my parents in what I had learned at school (something which never really happens) and ended up discussing the material you had taught us in class for an hour.”  


                                     - Jasmine, High School Sophomore

“WE LOVED having you. I LOVED both of your sessions you did at Governor School West. We couldn't thank you enough. I bought a reusable, foldable bowl for my entire family thanks to you and have vowed to never use a single plastic bottle since!!!  I remember your story often as it is my senior year now. I remember to put trust in my choices and to "go with the squiggles." You're awesome, Dave Chameides.”

- Myra, High School Senior

“You came to speak to my school today about your life and sustainability (I was in your last high school class and asked you about advice for making a difference). I have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. I know that this is a somewhat silly thing to say. However, I truly believe that I was put on this Earth to *do* something. I have had many ideas for things thus far in my life. The current thing I am stuck on is providing light for places in third world countries that would otherwise live in the dark. I have lots of good ideas but am struggling with the execution. I was wondering what incite or advice you could provide me. Thanks so much! “

- Emily, High School Senior

Your presentation this past week really encouraged me to want to make a significant difference in my community of Morrisville. Morrisville is a small town, outside of Cary, NC and because my father is on the Town Council, I realized that instead of just sitting around I could really take advantage of his position in the community, and have my voice heard. Because making a difference is such a broad term, I’m wondering what you think would be a specifically important message, environmentally speaking, to have heard.  If you could let me know what you think, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

- Shannon, High School Junior